Knowing the Best Time to Clean Carpets at Your Home

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Cleaning carpet is not a casual affair as you think. Many people simply tend to ignore this need and identifies the importance of it only when the inmates start experiencing some breathing problems or allergic symptoms. In actual, your carpets needed to be cleaned on a strict schedule, and it is not simply when it looks dirty or when you have some important visitors to home.


Everyday carpet cleaning with normal vacuum techniques may not be sufficient to get a deep and effective cleaning for fullest benefits. Apart from all these, professional cleaning is mandatory to ensure that your carpets last long. Here, we will discuss some tips to help decide the right mode of cleaning and best time for cleaning your home carpets. Visit for more information.



Scheduling carpet cleaning


Deciding the frequency of carpet cleaning depends on various factors. To draw it out better, you can ask these questions to yourself.


  • How many inmates are there in your home?
  • How much the carpets are used?
  • Are there any smokers / children / pets in your house?
  • Does any family member have any types of allergies?
  • What is the area covered at your home with carpets?


Answers to these questions can give you the logical inputs to decide the frequency and intensity of carpet cleaning needed. Say for example, one person living alone in house may not cause as much soiling as in a family with a couple of active children. If there are any smokers in the house, then there is a high chance that the smoke and cigarette ash gets trapped inside the carpet fibers, which can cause orders as well as air pollution. If someone in the family has allergies and there are furry pets at home, then more frequent and deep cleaning is highly essential. See this here for more explanation.


Studies have shown that carpet flooring is better than hard surface floors. The reason is that the allergens and dust mites get easily stirred up on hard surfaces every time when a person passes by. Carpets can trap these allergens and pollutants. However, if the carpet is not cleaned regularly, filtering capability of it may get saturated soon. This can cause major problems if it starts releasing the allergens back to the surroundings.


So, which is the best time to clean your carpets?


With regular vacuuming and proper maintenance, you can keep the carpet surface clean and the caught up dirt and deep pollens and allergens can be cleaned in every 12 months ideally. A professional carpet cleaning maneuver should by deployed in order to ensure thorough cleaning. However, in case of smokers, children, and pets at home, the frequency can be reduced to eight months or even 6 months if you can afford it. In single member houses or with lesser footfalls, it may not be an issue even if a thorough carpet cleaning gets extended to 18 months or so.


The ideal season for carpet cleaning is late fall. It is ideal to remove any pollutants and allergens before the winter during which time almost all houses are kept shut. The carpet cleaners may usually take 8 to 12 hours to complete the task, so you need to plan your schedules accordingly to cope up with the discomfort during the execution of this task.



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